Leah Gernetzke

Published in the Oak Hill Gazette After many long weeks on the campaign trail, Ellen Troxclair is settling into her position as District 8’s City Council Member. But if her downtown office is any indication, she’s not letting herself get too comfortable. After approximately a month on the job, unpacked boxes still lay scattered around […]

Published in The Lakeland Times When the gloomy days of a depressed economy left millions wondering where to go, Joe Fors pedaled off to explore the back roads of the nation on his trusty stead, a 17-year-old Trek 6500 mountain bike. “I was recently unemployed in the bar/restaurant business,” the Lombard, Ill., native said. “I […]

Published in The Lakeland Times In the days that Minocqua and Woodruff were sleepy, idyllic towns carved out of the forest, children spent their days inventing games under the tree-filtered sunlight, only returning indoors when street lights flickered and their mothers called. These are the halcyon days Leila Streich, Janet Bailey and Billy Rudolph still […]