Leah Gernetzke

What to buy when you’re on a budget and still care about your body If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone say they can’t eat healthy because they don’t have enough money, I’d probably be able to grocery shop for free for a week. Which would actually be great, because I’m […]

Published in The Lakeland Times In a matter of weeks, John and Jillayne Waite watched their healthy, 30-year-old daughter Jennifer Kane spiral headlong into a debilitating, mysterious illness. Seven years later, she still hasn’t fully recovered. “No one should have to get sick like this anymore,” said Kane’s mother, Jillayne Waite. But unfortunately, they still […]

Published in The Lakeland Times Opening a can for dinner may have saved Americans time and money over the years, but according to recent research, we’re now paying for that convenience with our health. That’s because of a ubiquitous chemical called Bisphenol A, an estrogen-mimicking synthetic hormone found in polycarbonate plastics that has been found […]