Leah Gernetzke

Words are important. Words inform, inspire, convince, educate, entertain, and evoke emotion. They have the power to chronicle the human experience by framing lives, ideas, and the world around us.

As a versatile writer, editor, and content strategist with nine years of experience, I spend a lot of time thinking about words and the messages they make. I excel at distilling complex information to its essence and customizing my style to fit a client’s unique needs and brand narrative. Accessibility, simplicity, and creativity are the pillars of my work.

Curiosity also drives me: I’m constantly looking to expand my skill set and complementary knowledge base, whether through learning more about SEO or web design, exploring different corners of the world, or even experimenting in the kitchen. I believe new experiences ultimately add to the richness and breadth of a creative perspective, and lead to better problem-solving and ideation.

So whether you need website copy, blog posts, articles, social media content, a discerning set of eyes on an editing project, or something else entirely, I can help you find the right words. Get in touch with me about a project here. You can also download my resume or read a blog post about me.